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Stress-management and Self-empowerment expert

"Can time be managed?"

Isabelle has been travelling the world for her company many years and knows all about hectic, stress and lack of time.

She is convinced that every person is destined to lead a self-determined, balanced and ultimately fulfilled life. Therefore, Isabelle quit her job as a business economist in early 2017 and became a trainer for Mindfulness & Stress Management. Since then she has been helping people to achieve their goals calmly and productively. Meditation and mindfulness are an integral part of her everyday life, and enable her to live a life in balance. Her passions include stays on the Caribbean sister islands Trinidad & Tobago and Waldbaden.



Philomath focusing on China and Startups

"How two years in China changed my perspective on time"

In high school, he studied Chinese from an early age. After finishing his A-levels, he traveled to China for one year to put his knowledge into practice. During that time he fell so much in love with the culture and decided to study something China-related after the year abroad. Therefore, he ended up studying international business management at the East Asia Institute in Ludwigshafen. He is very passionate about entrepreneurship. Currently, he undergoes a leadership program and helps startups in his leisure time




"Taking back ownership of your time"

Markus is the co-founder of 1000 Satellites Coworking, a venture based in Mannheim. After having studied economics in Germany, China, and Spain, Markus has worked 14 years at BASF, where he held different positions, mainly in marketing, sales and new business development. Markus is a father of two, a passionate intrapreneur, digital advocate and loves to cook for his family.


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